• After over four years of producing informative and entertaining spoon content, The Spoon King has decided to pack up his spoons in a bag and end production on the site. SpoonSpace will remain in a frozen state for the rest of time, until it is dug up by scientists and asked to join a superhero fighting squad (for example, like Captain America). It’s been fun. Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts on the site from over the years.
    • Here is his goodbye letter:



      12 July 2012

      Dear SpoonSpace fans,

      It brings me great sadness to have to write this letter. I am ‘The Spoon King’. In late 2008, my friend and I formed a band and wrote many songs about environmental awareness and energy saving. I noticed that spoons were mentioned in several of our songs, and on March 17 2009, I set up a website- spoonspace.synthasite.com

      This website featured many images and videos related

      to different types of spoons, and soon became quite popular with my friends and peers. Over the next 18 months, it spread throughout the web and was getting hundreds of visits each day. In April 2010, I launched the Spooncast, a monthly podcast where I discussed all the happenings on the site. In 2011, I set up spin-off sites Favourite Pie and Cheesy Cheese and under my new ‘LuNet’ banner. SpoonSpace was at an all-time high. Youtube, Tumblr, GetGlue and Twitter helped me to spread the word about SpoonSpace to people all over the world.

      Now, over 4 years after the site launched,

      I have decided to close up shop. The site has grown less popular, I have been forced to focus on other projects, mostly my entertainment website BuzzHub, which is very popular right now, and to be honest, there aren’t enough spoons on the planet to keep a site running for 4 years! I have tried launching a premium site, to make it more worth my while, but their really isn’t enough interest to make it worth it.

      I will no longer release episodes of the Spooncast, post spoon content on the homepage, or host promotional competitions. Those days are well and truly over. There is no more Spoonspace.

      However, to keep the old fans happy, I will leave both versions of the site (the 2008-2011 Yola site and the 2012 WordPress site) in a frozen state for as long as they can exist without my interference. I know some of you will be very upset about this, and I was as well after I made the decision, but in the words of Desperate Housewives, Harry Potter, The Chris Moyles Show and Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, all good things must come to an end.

      You have all been helpful and kind over the past 4 years and 4 months.

      I appreciate it.

      With regards and regrets,

      The Spoon King